ManoScan™ Esophageal Manometry System



The ManoScan™ esophageal manometry system allows you to better map, display, and evaluate esophageal motor function. This easy-to-perform procedure precisely quanti es the contractions of the esophagus and its sphincters,
providing the clinician with reliable and consistent data for the accurate assessment of GI diseases.

Included with this advanced system are Chicago Classi cation algorithms and automatic ndings as well as HIS/HL7 compatibility to support the “meaningful use” requirement.

Advantages over conventional manometry

  • Can be performed in 10 minutes or less and with minimal specialized training

  • Data are depicted in spatiotemporal contour plots, making study interpretation easier

  • Enhanced sensitivity provides useful information to aid in the diagnosis of conditions such as dysphasia, achalasia, and hiatal hernia

  • Provides additional motor correlates for esophageal hypermotility and GERD


Multiple Solutions in a Single Platform

ManoScan™ ESO Z Module

ManoScan™ ESO Z module and catheter provide circumferential assessment of bolus movement as well as physiological mapping of esophageal motor function

  • Maps from the pharynx to the stomach, with a single placement of the catheter
  • Incorporates impedance measurements to improve the ability to predict the success or failure of bolus movements through the esophagus

ManoScan™ ESO 3D Module

ManoScan™ ESO 3D module and catheter allow for 3D visualization of the esophagogastric junction (EGJ)

  • Includes radial EGJ pressures, length measurement, and symmetry
  • Provides information useful for the assessment of EGJ physiology

ManoScan™ V

The ManoScan™ video module works in conjunction with high-resolution manometry to allow for synchronized, simultaneous video and pressure collection, providing a previously unseen diagnostic picture

  • When used with the ManoScan™ ESO manometry system, this module pairs pressure mapping with real-time video visualization of swallow coordination
  • Fluoroscopic studies can provide complementary information to HRM
    in order to con rm diagnosis and treatment

ManoScan™ ESO Catheters

These advanced catheters incorporate proprietary circumferential capacitive pressure sensing technology

  • 36channelsprovide432pointsofmeasurementto create a pressure image from pharynx to stomach
  • All sensors are true circumferential

  • 18impedancechannelsinManoScanTM ESOZcatheters display bolus transition from pharynx to stomach

  • 96 3D channels in ManoScanTM ESO 3D catheters provide 3-dimensional EGJ visualization

  • Small diameter (2.7 mm) catheters available

  • Obtain a complete physiological map from the pharynx to the stomach, with a single positioning of the ManoScanTM ESO catheter

 ManoShield™ DisposableCatheterSheath

This single-use, hygienic, catheter protective cover is intended to prevent gross contamination of the catheter and reduce cleaning and disinfection efforts

  • Serves as a disposable protective outer cover that is removed and discarded immediately after the procedure
  • Reduces contamination exposure of sta and equipment post-procedure
  • Creates more e cient work ow and minimizes catheter deterioration by reduction of manual cleaning and disinfection effort




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